Is your name Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson or Phil Mickelson? No... Then why is the Driver that is in your bag designed for them?

A Tour Pro would never dream of playing a driver designed for amateurs... Of course they wouldn’t. So why the heck should amateurs, especially the 90% of amateurs who fly their drives under 260 yards in the air, play a driver designed for pros?

They absolutely should not. But if you’ve got a driver from a big name company in your bag, you’re missing out on a proven 20+ more yards!  

By using a driver designed specifically for YOUR golf swing, you CAN add 20 or more yards to your drives effortlessly. It’s physics!

You can swing lighter, faster. And if you swing faster, you WILL hit the ball LONGER! It’s physics… And lighter is also EASIER. Easier to swing faster for the entire round!

Gary McCord here. Why do most big-name golf companies focus their driver design and engineering specifically for Tour players? It’s because of the millions of dollars of exposure they get from television. But what about you? Why do you care what driver a tour player uses? You shouldn’t! More than 90% of golfers swing their driver under 100 miles an hour. Odds are you don’t carry your driver 250 yards in the air.


114 MPH

297 yds

84 MPH

215 yds


Tour Pros

 (source: USGA/R&A/PGA TOUR 2019)

So the last thing you want is a super low spin clubhead with a heavy tour weight shaft like that designed for less than 1% of golfers on the planet. That is unless you want to hit it shorter and lower!

I’ve been on a personal quest, a mission, for the last few years to try and recover my lost distance. Along with a group of golf industry veterans, 4 guys with decades of experience designing, testing, manufacturing and marketing golf equipment, we finally did something about it.

We decided to throw out the traditional book which says you need to design, test and engineer a driver for tour players and leave it to nearly all amateurs to have to struggle to make it work.

Instead, we tested using ONLY amateurs and their specs representing the majority of golfers. Golfers with swing speeds and driver distances that represent most amateurs. The team set out with one mission; to design a driver that was easier to swing faster, launch higher, go longer and more accurately for the majority of golfers.

Our team noticed that the top-selling conventional drivers, like the one you probably have in your bag right now, are heavier than they need to be for most golfers. Why? They are built to handle the swing speed and characteristics of Tour players.

But over 90% of all golfers need INCREASED swing speed. One easy way to increase speed is with a premium, lightweight driver. Makes sense right? Lighter = faster and faster = longer. To get more distance need more speed and to get more speed without changing your swing, you need to swing a lighter driver. With no sacrifice in accuracy or consistency!


For each 1 MPH FASTER = 2.5 Yards LONGER!

1 MPH Faster Swing Speed

2.5 Yards More Distance

It’s like this. Can I swing this sledgehammer as fast as this alignment rod?

No chance. It’s physics. And the same is true with a driver.

You can swing lighter, faster. And lighter is also EASIER. Easier to swing faster for the entire round!

But that’s not all. Our engineers found that by grouping golfers by swing speed or driver distance, they could more closely optimize the design of each driver, the clubhead weighting and characteristics, the effective loft and face angle, the shaft dynamics including kick point and weighting, the overall weight and swing weight of each club and even the grip. By developing a system, matching and optimizing drivers, golf balls and tees specifically designed for 4 unique speed “ZONES”, targeting 4 individual groups of golfers, we effectively developed a way to maximize the performance for 90% of all golfer

A Tour Pro would never dream of playing a driver designed for amateurs?

Of course, they wouldn’t. So why the heck should amateurs, especially the 90% of amateurs who fly their drives under 260 yards in the airplay a driver designed for pros?

They absolutely should not. 

But if you’ve got a driver from a big name company in your bag, you’re missing out on a proven 20+ more yards!

“With The Speed System, I Just Got Ridiculously More Distance, 20 Plus Yards. It Works!”

– Luke Helms HDCP 7 (Speed Blue)

It’s called the Speed System and it’s been proven to give 90% of amateurs the best results for you and your swing. Not a Tour players swing. Not your buddies swing. Your swing!

The leading independent company in golf, Golf Laboratories performed golfer AND robot testing which proved this new driver helps golfers hit the ball longer, straighter and launched it higher the big name company’s top-selling drivers. How much longer? An average of 16 and a half yards longer! But we explored ways to squeeze out even MORE distance? So we paired each Speed Zone’s driver with a golf ball that works best specifically for that group's swing speed. And then we added a superfast, spring-loaded tee that combined with the ball and the driver pumps up the total driver distance an average of over 21 yards longer! And higher and straighter too! Sounds almost too good to be true. A proven, tested 21 more yards? Oh ya, it’s legal too!

"With Speed System, I hit my drive 27 yards further! I couldn’t believe how I was just crushing this ball and I was really excited about the accuracy!”

-Paul Sigler HDCP 18 (Speed Black)

Introducing the Completely Revolutionary, Never-Before-Seen, Speed System Driver.

Limited Time Offer - Save $50


A Driver Completely Designed To Add Distance and Consistency!

The Speed System Driver is ultra-premium, lightweight driver and optimally performing for YOUR swing speed. It also comes with a custom, see-through headcover.

The Science

The Speed System Driver technology is based on physics. You can swing lighter, faster and when you swing faster, you’ll hit the ball longer. Tour player's drivers, and the engineering that design the big name driver that’s probably in your bag, are heavier and designed to handle the swing speeds of professional athletes. Tour level players' average swing speed is 114 miles an hour and they carry their drives over 270 yards or more in the air! If you are a tour-level player, the big-name drivers are a great fit for you. But if you’re like the vast majority of golfers out there, the Speed System is EXACTLY what they need!

The Solution

A group of industry veterans, guys with decades of experience in playing professionally, designing, testing, marketing and selling golf equipment decided to do something it about. One is Gary McCord, PGA Tour Champions multiple time winner, Network Golf commentator, and absolute golf nerd! Gary had been on a quest to regain some of his lost distance and these guys absolutely KNEW there was a way to give it back to the VAST majority of golfers.

Introducing the Completely Revolutionary, Never-Before-Seen, Speed System Driver.

Speed System Driver Head

The clubhead of each Speed System driver utilizes ”Speed Ti”, an exclusive design that combines a thin face with reinforced edges to create extra strength that translates into faster speed.

Head-Aerodynamically designed to break up speed limiting airflow during the downswing to create increased clubhead speed. 

OHCT-Off Center Hit Correction Technology combines head COG (center of gravity) with bulge and roll to create maximum forgiveness and directional correction on off-center hits to ensure a minimal loss of distance and direction when the club is not hit in the geometric center (show off-center hit robot data vs competitors).

Tested and Trusted By the Golf Industry

USGA - Conforms to the Rules of Golf 

What are You Waiting For? 20 Yards Added Instantly!

You won't find a better price on this system anywhere and all your friends will be asking you how you are hitting the ball so long.... So Why Wait?

“The Speed System with its integrated ball, tee and driver, I hit it 20 yards further!”

– Larry Junker HDCP 16 (Speed Blue)


1 Dozen Speed System Tour Quality Golf Balls

While the Speed System Driver is LONG with ANY golf ball, when you order now, you’ll also receive as a free bonus, one dozen Speed System golf balls. Speed System golf balls are designed with a slightly lower spin rate off of the driver in comparison to the top golf balls on the market. This created 3-4 yards added distance at 90 mph.

Additional FREE Bonus! 2 Speed System Spring Loaded Tees

And as an added bonus, we will add 2 new, spring loaded Speed System Tees to your order FREE. While our team was testing tees, it was discovered that by reducing friction at impact you can slightly reduce spin. This reduction in spin correlates to approximately 2 yards increase in distance. This distance gain is typically seen only by players that have a negative attack angle with their driver. Testing showed you can get an increase of up to 3 yards!

If You Carry Your Drives under 260 yards in the Air or Your Clubhead Speed is Under 100mph, You Should Not Be Playing the Driver That’s In Your Bag!

Ok, I’m convinced. This ultra-premium, 100% Titanium head, super lightweight driver is the real deal. But these drivers cost $600, $800 even $1000 or more. How much does the Speed System cost?

Here’s the awesome news. One of the partners in the Speed System is a top-line, experienced golf equipment manufacturer.

That’s great news for you, the golfer. That means no middle-man. No brokers. No crazy mark-ups. You pay a crazy low price for this amazing, revolutionary, distance maximizing package.

The cost of the Speed System Driver is under $400!!

Matched to YOUR Swing, YOUR Distance, and YOUR Speed, you get a lightweight, super-premium, super hot and forgiving clubhead, high-performance graphite shaft, lightweight grip and a FREE Bonus, 1 dozen tour performance, super hot golf balls, 2 spring-loaded Speed tees, custom headcover AND membership to Club Speed System with FREE exclusive member content including instruction videos from Gary McCord and other pros to help you increase your speed and distance.

For ALL of this value, you’d expect to pay $500, $600, $700 or more. But you can be one of the first to get an effortless 20 yards or more, guaranteed for just $297!

That’s right. It’s the leading edge in technology and innovation. Many lightweight drivers ALONE are $700 and higher. But you can put the power of the Speed System Driver, 1 dozen balls, Spring-loaded Speed tees for just $349!

In fact, we’re so confident that when you play the Speed System Driver, we guarantee you will add an effortless 20 yards or more. If you don’t, just send it back within 60 days. No questions asked for a full product refund!

Speed System Driver + FREE BONUS

  • Super-fast, super-forgiving, overall lightweight, ultra-premium driver.
  • Two low friction Spring-Loaded Speed Tees to give you even more distance.
  • 12 Tour quality, Compression Matched golf balls that are LONG; maximizing your speed without sacrificing feel.



Buy With Confidence

If you don’t hit the Speed System Driver 20 yards longer, or don’t love it for ANY reason, just return within 60 days and we will give you a full, no questions asked refund. But we know for most golfers, the Speed System will increase your speed, your distance AND your consistency. We are certain you will be satisfied and will be loving the way you play from the very first round!


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